kick ass

  1. D

    Kickass Big Daddy Costume Pepakura

    Hello! Has anyone got the pepakura file for the helmet of Big Daddy from Kickass please? I've made helmets, armour, prop-guns, shoulder pads, knee pads from nothing more than cheap foam! I plan on making this costume using foam and papermache clay (dries solid and is WAY cheaper than that...
  2. mattycsi

    Kick Ass Baton Holsters WIP pic heavy

    I finished my batons a few weeks back I wanted to display them better so I'm opting for them sitting in the holster and then on the wall, possibly in a box frame maybe just the holster on a picture hook. I'll decide on that later. Pretty much just used these as my reference pics I...
  3. F

    Kick-Ass Costume- help!

    Oh wonderful, illustrious members of the RPF- I need help! I am currently making a chick Kick-Ass costume and am stuck up a creek without a paddle when it comes to those stupid gloves. After enduring the arduous task that was making a pair from scratch for my chick Zapp Brannigan, I am...
  4. Bigdaddy

    Big Daddy Costume build ( Kick-Ass ) VIDEO in 1st post

    I figure its' about time I earned my screen name so.....I'm in on a deadline to be ready for the 31st so I'll update this thead before the 4th with details on the building process. It's not just a slide show ;) Cordura 6000 vest cut Marked for molle straps
  5. M

    Big Daddy - Kick Ass - MarkKings 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    Well, I've been working on bits and pieces, etc. in my spare time from work, so there's going to be progress then nothing, then progress; rather than a progressive build thread! So, here's the pep helmet: Now it's been fibreglassed, split into 2 and body filler put on...
  6. J

    KickAss and Hitgirl Cosplay - Finished

    We have been working on our kickass and hit girl cosplay costumes for a little over a month. We wanted to get ready for free comic book day. Here is our almost completed product. The one picture is of me (kickass) crashing the Iron Man 3 premier party. That was fun. We just need to tweak...
  7. HyperShadow

    Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass)

    After going through so many issues with this costume, my Hit-Girl costume is FINALLY completed. (Aside from the every-continuing tweaks I'll no doubt do to it!) When I first saw Kick-Ass, I was instantly enamored with Hit-Girl and just knew I had to do this costume. I've never felt so...
  8. Stevef209

    Big Daddy costume from Kick Ass

    I haven't read much discussion on this so I thought I would add this one. I am looking to put together this costume, and could use some help. I don't have any experience in creating something like this but would love to learn. What I am looking for links, sites, etc. that can help me put it...