help with my pep bio mask


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I folded this bio and its done perfect but on the helm there are flat spots just from the way the pep file can I make this a little bit more round....... I don't wanna use that that much bondo to fill the flat spots. Any ideas???



Only thing I can think of is fiberglass resining the back side So when I sand it won't go through the paper and if I do there will be fiberglass mat behind it.

I really just did not want to build up the bondo on the outside That thick.......the stuff cracks in my experience ...... the least amount of bondo you can put on it the better.....

I was referred here from the hunter's lair.......

Thanks so much
I think you will only need to bondo the top half of the bio, the bottom half I don't think really needs it but 1 or two coats of resin would work fine brushed on. Try using sheetrock putty instead of bondo I hear it works great.
Yeah I was only planning on returning the inside for strength. And then bondoing the outside for a paintable surface..... that was my point I don't want to use a lot of bondo. But need a more spherical shape!!!!
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