HELP! Risers/Stilts


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For an upcoming couple of costumes Matt and I are diving into this year, we are in need of risers, or stilts, of some sort to build costume feet from that our shoes can be attached to and our feet go on to raise us up and make us taller. But stilts are so expensive and I can't afford a pair of drywall stilts. Has anyone got any suggestions or has anyone made their own? I saw some on here called bucket stilts and those looked like they'd work for me...I'm needing 6 inches to no more than a foot for what I'm doing, same for Matt.

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Take a look on ebay for drywall stilts and look at the used ones only. They're really nice and range for prices $39.00 and up. I have a used pair and love using them. The more you practise the more comfortable you get. Good luck.

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definitely check out used ones!! I routinely find them for less than $50 a pair at most of the area pawn shops. With the crash in the housing market of late, you would be surprised at how many pairs of these show up, almost weekly.


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One problem with the drywall stilts, is this..I plan to build the costume ONTO whatever I use, so picking up a pair of those is a bit much for what I'm doing. I've heard of cheaper bucket stilts, and foam stilts/risers, so that's the kind of thing I'm going for. Only if nothing else can be found or made will I turn to buying a pair of actual drywall stilts.

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Well, you can definitely use Barge glue and glue together 4" worth of 1/2" foam mat from Target, Home Depot, Walmart, etc., like guys do on the Lair for Predator feet. Just trace your shoe on cardstock and make a template, then cut out with a sharp utility knife. Then, you glue your shoe to that lift and put in a 2.5" heal wedge, so there's 7-ish" in addition to the shoe sole...


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I know the feeling about the drywall stilts. I also wanted to have the stilts simulate somewhat the foot movement patterns while walking, running, etc. but didn't find anything that I could easily modify. On my part the movement would be done by attaching a set of compression and tension springs between the foothold and the foot. Part of my own problem with commercial stilts is that what I'm building around it is still humanoid, and I'm not 100% sure if my size 6.5 men's foot will still fit even after the molding. But, I suppose I could always attach the foothold at an angle. I guess my question to you Lady Mega, is what shape will be on the outsode? I guess to me that might make a difference. If it's big enough to fit both your feet and the stilts, I suppose it doesn't matter. In my case I have some doubt, but also, I want there to be a bend where it should be as well. Either my head and arms won't be where they should be, ore my leg joints won't be.


If you google "crepe soling" you'll find a bunch of suppliers you can get some good soling materials that may b more durable to stack into a block or wedge heel kind of platform shoe base...
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