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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by B33Sting, May 15, 2012.

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    I've posted twice in the past few days with little response, I am really interested in getting started.

    I am looking to do my first build. An Ironman Mark III or IV. I have the PEP files from Dancing_fool and have a grasp on how to get the parts to the painting stage. Im a little concerned about scaling but, I am willing to do some trial and error.

    The process I can't find is after it has been painted. Ho do all the pieces stay on you? Or for that matter together? The fingers are all separate, connecting leg to mid section, etc.

    Please help :facepalm

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    Look at other builds, the information is there. Also, watch TheHeroTutorials on youtube by STEALTH. He has a video in his foam series that directly answers your question (straps, buckles, magnets, etc)
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    The pieces are usually held in place and together using straps and buckles. For example, the legs can be held in place by gluing a strap to the inside of the thigh and connecting it to another strap via a buckle that has been glued to the inside of the cod piece. A webbing harness can be used to connect pieces to which provides a more comfortable setup.
    As for the fingers, these can be held together using fishing line.

    A great deal can be learnt by reading through, from start to finish, the countless Iron Man threads on here. I'm nowhere near the suiting up stage myself but have a pretty good idea about how I'm going to do it by reading these threads for hours on end.
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    Hours on end is right! My wife is constantly coming in asking " are you still iron maning!?" :facepalm

    I just tell her there's worse things I could be looking at on the internet! :love

    Bamboodia is right though, everthing you need to know is in the forum someplace. The search function is your friend and will give you answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet!

    Enjoy the process:thumbsup
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    We look forward to seeing your build completed in the next 5-10 years...Lord knows my outfit's taking this long.
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    First, thanks for all the quick replys! I just left to go buy card stock. I'm iching to get going!!

    Perfect I haven't seen that one yet, thanks

    Great advice, I never thought of fishing line. I have been reading for the past few days I guys I wasn't reading far enough into the posts. Thanks again

    LOL I actually had that conversation with my Wife last night. I think maybe I wasn't searching with the proper lingo.

    LOL Im hoping to have it complete for Halloween but, well see I guess

    and now back to reading. Thanks again I really appreciate the help
  7. B33Sting

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation on the stealth Tuts! Thats exactly what I was looking for!!
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