Help needed for a Sound activated device


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A Project that I'm working on requires sound activated motion. Basically, the prop I'm working on is a robot, but it doesn't have a traditional mouth that signifies that it's talking. Instead, there are "flaps" that move up and down based on the sound it emits, as a form of speech, and lights that dim and brighten based on inflections during the speech.

I'm not good with developing my own electronics or computerized anything, and am trying to track down commercially made items (toys, electronics etc) that I can "ransack" or breakdown to get at the mechanisms that work. Of course these have to be battery operated.

I know that during Halloween, that there are toys/displays that come out that are sound activated, and a skeleton could pop out of a coffin at doing so.

During the 80's and 90's a toy was made and sold in Toys 'r US and Kaybee, that was a toy flower, and it would move (or rock) and dance when you put it next to a radio or at the sound of your own voice (if you were loud enough). It's not like what I can find on ebay or doing a search, but I specifically remember that it was a flower that looked like a tulip, and would "open and close" its petals, in time with the music (this would be my first choice), but I don't remember what company made this toy, and any reference to this toy I can't find on the net.

Help is greatly appreciated, since this is an effect that would be essential the to prop I'm making. I have the sound activated lights covered, just looking for something that can move when activated by sound.

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Here's a free bump for ya.

I remember those flowers. Not sure where to find them nowadays though.

I am after something similar myself instead I need it to be motion activated.


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It doesn't have to be that specific flower toy, however.

Something similar to it, or something that is commercially available that does what i need.

Sound detection > move object (up and down)

Sounds basic, but I can find motion detection stuff all over the net (ebay has tons) but sound activated ones are hard to find.


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I seem to remember a toy dog from a few years ago that plugs into an ipod and moves around, has lights that change color and what not while the music plays through an embedded speaker...

Found it, it's called an iDog and it looks like it might do everything you need it to do.
link: iDog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if I can locate one at a garage sale, goodwill, salvation army or savers to see if its something that would work. I don't own any portable music device (yes, i'm a rebel) so didn't know about these type of toys.

In the meantime, I'll take other suggestions.


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I'm not much help at suggesting an over the counter product, they are out there no doubt but off hand I can't pin any particular one...

If you have the budget for a custom designed device feel free to PM me, but be forewarned it will cost exponentially more than kit bashing some toy you might find...