HELP!!! Need Trooper boots ASAP!


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So we have a con this weekend and a buddy of mine wants to borrow my armor but my tiny 9 1/2 size boots will never fit his size 11 1/2 boats. Does anyone have any QUICK ideas as far as an available (and very cheap) shoe that can be boght locally and maybe spraypainted? Again, these boots only have to survive for about 4 hours.


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When I had my TK armor back before I had bought the boots, I pulled on some white socks and picked up a pair of cheap white pull-on "keds" type shoes from Walmart. They worked fine for my purposes and I was out maybe $7. The shin armor came down to right at the top of the shoes and it looked ok for Halloween.

The average person might notice, other troopers will and will laugh at you but hey, you have an E-11 at your side...right? :p

Look at the pics here