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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by gunfighter77, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. gunfighter77

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    I need help with the conversion from sketchup to Pepakura.

    I have sketchup 8 and pep designer 3.0b.

    Are they not compatible?

    I export as a kmz extension and when I open in pep, it force closes?

  2. epilepticsquirl

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    send me the file to faufresh at yahoo (dot) com
  3. Janx

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    If I remember correctly you can export from Sketchup as a Kmz(Kml) or Dae file both of which pepakura can read. (pepakura 3.08)

    An alternative if possible export to Obj format, not sure if SU can do this as I dont have it installed any more.
  4. DaddyfromNaboo

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    The basic Sketchup can´t export to OBJ or 3DS. But you can use converters to convert KMZ to OBJ or 3DS files.

    But you actually don´t need Pepakura Designer to unfold a Sketchup model.

    There is a plugin called Flattery that allows you directly unfold in Sketchup. It´s not as comfortable as Pepakura, but does the trick as well.

  5. epilepticsquirl

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    I never heard back from the guy so I guess it wasn't that important to him. :unsure

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