Help/advice needed to create a fallout prop!


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Soo, I recently purchased a nerf gun (one which resembled as closely to a Fallout plasma rifle as i could possibly find) and its become my goal to get this horrible paintjob and design looking more vintage, sci fi like the plasma rifle of course! However, my only problem is im having trouble coming up with a design to base my build off.

Ive had plenty of experience modifying items like this in the past when part of a team (the team consisted of a designer and of course me doing all the crafts). With that being said, i decided to come to the rpf because i knew you guys would be able to give me some tips and little bits and bobs which i could in fact use for the wires and all the other decor needed, due to this being a new challenge to me i have no idea what things could be used to replicate the futuristic cogs or tubes or whatever soo i basically just need advise on the possible materials and possibly help coming up with a comfortable design... Any help? Thanks!

Oh and one more thing, i dont want the nerf gun to look 100% like the plasma rifle because i know i wont achieve that so all i need is some help creating aomething which uses the plasma rifle as a reference and inspiration!
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