Brotherhood of Steel Light Combat Armor Build

Kerr Avon

Master Member
With the upcoming "Fallout" tv series I decided to tackle a more complete costume from the game so had Corellia Creations print me a full set of the light combat armor so I can build it up with the Brotherhood of Steel skin from the game series. While stuck inside this weekend I think I have pretty much finished it up. I may still yet do a bit of weathering on the leather, but I think I'm pretty happy with it overall.

The armor was printed in resin and was hollow, so one of the first things I did is drill out some holes and used minimal expanding foam to fill the armor itself. It went from a hollow sound tap to a good sounding thunk, with really no additional weight added but additional structural support from the inside. Months later, got the multi layer paint job done and hand sewn leather to make the strapping system. I tried to make it as accurate as I could to the screenshots of the in game models and paint, though threw on some additional silvering for paint chip effects. The ammo pouches are surplus (I think Russian and Chinese) and sewed a pouch for a Fusion Core (actual USB power bank replica too) in case I run across some power armor. The larger pouches are filled with fabric foam I cut to size to keep shape, except one which is half filled and the other half with Nuka Cola bottle caps for spending money. Camo BDUs, BOS Beret and courier bag, I think it'll be complete for some upcoming conventions. Topped off with the Chronicle Collectibles Plasma Rifle.

BOS Armor and Plasma Rifle 2.jpg

BOS Back.jpg

BOS Chest.jpg

BOS Left Shoulder.jpg

BOS Right Shoulder.jpg

BOS Left Thigh.jpg

BOS Right Thigh.jpg

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