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This thread is simple:

To display who out there has worked on replicating aspects of the Haunted mansion. Anything from the Gargoyles to Bat stanchions to paintings.

I know there are official props out there - but I want to see what you guys have done yourselves....

I'm meticulously creating my room to feel liek you walked into the Haunted mansion so I am totally open to anything inspired by and not directly from one of the mansions !

Happy Haunts


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Well, I showed you the walls of my room so far, the idea is to apply a glow in the dark paint in some of the eyes of the "stencils", and some glowing footprints on the ceiling (invisible, unless you turn off the light or turn on the blacklights:))
And I also did these things, directly inspired by the mansion door handle (the lightswitch cover it's an original idea)
I have a LOT to do, but so far I'm moving slowly, piece by piece :)

The Rock-a-who

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It won't be an EXACT replication of things from the HM, but for Halloween I'm working on the Grim Grinning Ghosts busts for the front yard & HM inpsired tombstones.

First test - projection - wrong heads

Second attempt - right heads, unmodified (Sorry for the low audio quality - going more for the visual portion of it right now.

Hopefully, as each year passes I'll be able to add more HM stuff to the yard, Madame Leota, the "Let me out of here" coffin, hitchhiking ghosts and maybe the organ.


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Ramiel you are a man after my own heart ! Seriously ! I love your stuff and I hate everything !

I was actually thinking about sculpting that door knob as well !

I just moved into the apt so it's still pretty rough. What I'm doing now is lining the top of the walls with faux stone - just because I love the way stone looks + now I'm repainting the walls from a maroon color to a dark purple. I plan on aging the walls to appear worn, burn and faded in places with several tones of purple/blue.

I had an odd idea to not make the wallpaper pattern, but rather make one single large version of the Demon Pattern out of Plexiglass and then - mounting it to my wall about an inch away from the wall and lighting it from behind so it appears to be glowing.

Sort of like Kerr Avon's slimer bust:


Here are some small progress pics + a pic of a some candle holders I loved + a pic of my ****y old crappy room:



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P.S. the lightswitch is brilliant !

My thing is I'm in LOVE with the portraits and the little details like the gargoyles - but the portraits Disney sells blow and the gargoyles are stupidly expensive just for 1 !


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I am a big fan of the HM, and especially of the Hatbox Ghost.
(those of you who don't know of the Hatbox Ghost, you arent real HM fans, lol)
I have two of these Hatbox Ghost Big Figs, and they are grails in my collection:

I also have face casting of the Ezra Hitchhiking Ghost/ Hatbox Ghost. This I plan on making into a full figure of either at some point too.


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That is beautiful !

I have seen those casts of the face too - thought about getting one. We really need a better resource for HM props and replicas.


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The idea of the plexi demon is really cool! :)
Also I think I'm going to print at least one stretching painting on canvas (maybe the dancer on the rope) and then frame it, because I don't have so much space here, but one painting it's still better than nothing! ;)

Also I'm a big Hatbox Ghost fan, and I made a guy resembling (vaguely) him for Halloween last year, it was my cemetery guardian, but I hope I can put at least a portrait of him in my room (next to the lenticular portraits of me and my GF I want to make and frame... ;) )

I've had an idea to use the gargoyles design to make a wall sconce or a coat hanger, but it got discarded, it was impractical for the room... :(

Well, I'm happy to see that this passion it's not only mine (probably in Italy it is, but who cares! :lol )


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If there is a member on here that has some decent casts of the bats or something I would be very interested. I know that's a post for the Junkyard - but I'm just curious.

And Ramiel - I think I may paint the tight-rope portrate - the quality of the Disney one is beyond poor. I just wish someone had a proper scan or a higher res file that I could Photoshop. I'm tempted to scan the crappy print I have - but it's just almost not worth it.

i wrote a blog post about my disappointment here:

F*** Disneys Print on Demand

Here is also a very basic progress pic of one of the corners of my room - obviously it's super early in the process:



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I'm also doing a haunted mansion themed room. It's going to be the home theater room in the basement. Good luck with your room. Looking forward to seeing pics.


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I like the purple you choose, that's the tone I wanted for my room, but I ended up with a more lilac-violet than the one I wanted, but I'll keep it as it is now! :lol

And probably this is not in super-high resolution, but it can show well the details ;)

And I really want to make this in the room:

OH MAN ! That scan is great ! Think there is someone out there who has a higher res version ! I honestly prefer the newer version of the painting to the original - the first was very yellow - very jaundice looking.

But I love that bat - i dont want to add anything to my own room that isn't functional that is free standing - so like a wall hanging is fine, but I don't want to take up any desk or floor space - but that is gonna be awesome ! I love that piece of concept art.


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Just wanted to say I'm now cleaning up that pic in Photoshop - the DPI is surprisingly high and although I could not get it to be the original dimensions with out some extreme distortion - I'm rather surprised at how well it's scaling up.

The Rock-a-who

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Just wanted to say I'm now cleaning up that pic in Photoshop - the DPI is surprisingly high and although I could not get it to be the original dimensions with out some extreme distortion - I'm rather surprised at how well it's scaling up.

:thumbsup Excellent. Can't wait to see it.

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