haunted mansion

  1. Mooniteman

    Haunted Mansion props, pieces and inspiration.

    This thread is simple: To display who out there has worked on replicating aspects of the Haunted mansion. Anything from the Gargoyles to Bat stanchions to paintings. I know there are official props out there - but I want to see what you guys have done yourselves.... I'm meticulously...
  2. K

    Haunted Mansion Sinister 11

    I'm looking at trying to recreate a portion of the old WDW Haunted Mansion's Sinister 11 portrait hall for Halloween this year (3 or 4 portraits instead of the full 11). I found a service that can print images onto linen textured cardstock, which is my plan for creating prints that I can then...
  3. JAS. Hook Capt

    Haunted Mansion (2003) Gracey Manor Front Elevation

    Hi all, For anybody interested in modeling the haunted mansion manor house from the 2003 movie version with Eddie Murphy, I’ve done my best to draft a front (West) elevation of the home to scale. I was unable to find any plans for this version of the mansion online, so I figured I’d make my...
  4. TJackFx

    Limited Run Haunted Mansion Bat Stanchion

    This is something I've wanted to make for a while now to add to my HM themed bathroom - gonna be used as the towel rack :) marvelouscreastionsstudios created the file for me. Yes I know it's not 100% accurate to any specific stanchion - I wanted it to be slightly different so that I'd be able...
  5. ZombieDUG

    Animatronic Madame Leota Tombstone

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start a new build log to share with you my wife and I’s latest project, the animatronic Madame Leota Tombstone from the Haunted Mansion que at Disney World! This prop is fully sculpted by us in Zbrush and then 3D printed. The animatronics are custom made by myself and...
  6. mkotich

    [COMPLETED (for now?)] Disneyland Haunted Mansion Clock

    My Haunted Mansion Clock. So, I’m not sure where to start with this. This will be my first big build. A while back I was hitting Disneyland a lot. A sentimental place since as a local socal kid I had spent a lot of time with an annual pass visiting on a whim for years. Now I live a couple...