Harry Potter Wand and box (for 16 year old)


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So my daughter and a few of her friends are real geeks (I am well proud).

So the youngest of the group is turning 16 this weekend. So my daughters request was a wand.

I finally get round to knocking something up for her..

first a rummage through my parts bins, from previous strip downs..and I find this.. (its from an old printer)

Ideal length (12 inches) it is just a bit to well plastic. I break out my hot glue gun and;

it starts looking a little more organic.

I decided to utilize an old handle from a large needle file. it was a little worn so a bit of copper spray sorted it out.
12.jpg 13.jpg

(Sorry mobile photos and I didn't rotate them.)

I also decided to make a box for it this is out of thin ply and sprayed silver.


I also decided to hack this old jewelry draw box for the brass parts.

And well this is the final result. 14.jpg
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