Harry Potter ULTIMATE edition Blue rays

So I got the first two when they came out and figured I'd wait for a big honking box set of the to buy when all were released. However, it appears there isn't going to be Ultimates for movies seven and eight?
I've checked sevral online places and they arent listing them for 7 & 8, and No one has them in their ads today.

Has anyone else noticed this?


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The ultimates came out well after the standard versions were released.

From what they were saying at the time (well before ultimates were mentioned) was that when filming 3-5 they didn't cut enough to actually make an extended (or ultimate) version....

Part 8 is out what? next week or the week after? An ultimate will probably be 4-8 months after that i'd guess.

SS and CoS had their extended/ultimate cuts on the family channel for like 5-6 years before they made them in disc form as I recall.

Beechy McFly

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Haven't noticed, though have notice that in Australia, since they came out ages ago, you can only get movie 1 and 2.. No sign of the rest coming to Australia in the Ultimate Collectors..


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Since when did disney buy Warner Brothers? :)

Can't imagine they'd stop selling Deathly Hallows less than 2 months after it comes out on DVD/BR.


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The only reason I haven't bought the Ultimate Editions for any of them is because I'm waiting for the huge 8 movie, gazillion disc set. I've seen Ultimate Editions out for the first 6 films. My guess is that you'll see the huge set sometime next year, as I can't imagine they won't put one out eventually.


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Just doing some research - looks like the full ultimate set won't be hitting til next xmas. Bluray.com forum was saying later 2012/early 2013.

FWIW, 1 and 2 ultimates have extended cuts of the movie. 3-6 just has supposedly better quality A/V and much better extras.
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