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This thread is for the research of snatchers.
I was looking around for Scabior's pants but the closest thing I could find to them was Fabric By The Yard - Charcoal/White Plaid Wool Coating . They would have to be dyed, but it looks pretty close.
The trench coat looks fairly standard, save the arms are pretty close fitting, rather like a motorcycle jacket. I think that some alteration too Hand-Sewn Leather Trench Coat Jacket Long Size Medium | eBay could do it, but im no expert and don't know how much alteration places can do with leather.
Harley Davidson makes some riding boots taht are pretty close to these, and most generic combate boots will do the trick.
Thats all I have to contribute though. If any one has any info, please let me know and i'll be enterally grateful
This might help:


I'd say the fabric looks good, the jacket would be fine as long as it was shortened and weathered. The sleeves also look like they've been torn and then stitched back up.
Those look a LOT like All Saints or River Island boots. They do a lot of the military style boots, but they have zippers and are thinner and more flexible than real military boots. Have a look on ebay and you can find them pretty cheap sometimes.
there's a kahki/grey/brown (probably all of those colours in a mix of dyes and weathering) military jacket or waistcoat with frayed accents. these have sort have dipped out of fashion slightly, but thery're still very available. if i were doing the costume, i'd probably go with a waistcoat instead of a jacket, mainly because i can imagine that it would be quite restictive on the arms with two thick layers. i've also spotted that Scabior's wearing two belts, one may well have a wand holster (?). the scarf should be easy to find and stain with the appropriate browns.

hope this helps, just pointing out the obvious :p
I think the plaid fabric you linked would work fine. And I don't see any reason why most alterations places shouldn't be able to something a simple as hem a leather coat.
if the jacket is leather (as it looks to be) some sand paper can rough it up just the way you want it as for the fabric you could mud wash it for the color
Hope I can be of some help! I went as Scabior to the Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere.

With the leather coat I'd suggest going a size smaller to get the fitted look he has. I heavily sanded and took a seam ripper to the jackets edges. I also hit it with liberal amounts of paint to create the mud splatter. The waistcoat I made from an old brown jacket I owned. However his appears more of a deep olive color.

Another note on his jacket, it has a crimson lining - something I still need to add, but I'm also weary about sewing into leather.

In an interview Nick Moran, mentioned the boots were All Saints and quite difficult to run in.

Has anyone had any luck locating his ring or something similar? Quite a few resources say it's a stag head, but it looks more like a steer or even a dragon's head.
Noble makes a wand and there are probably some up on the bay for a little less. I'll probably carve one with a dowel and kepp you guys posted.
Leather is all over the place in terms of quality and material properties. I think I'd trawl the local thrift and salvage shops before getting that coat, so I could feel the leather before I bought it. Cheap leather distresses really badly. If I had to buy something online I might look for something cut a little more like this Mens Belt Fur Leather Double Trench Coat Jacket Brown L | eBay with harder angles on the shoulders so you could put a bit of padding up under them and beat it flat. It's also fitted around the waist, and flares out a little bit in the frocking. The leather and stitching appears to be better quality (which is really important when you want to distress the garment as much as they've done above,) but it's still going to be a crapshoot if you can't touch the stuff before you buy it.
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