Harry Potter Cornish Pixie, pics!


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Just wanted to post pics of a Cornish Pixie I made for my niece as a Christmas present. I LOVE Ron's Cornish Pixie and was going to get one of his for my niece but My Mom "shamed" me into making this for my niece. My Mom thought my niece would appreciate it more if I made it. I know that it is a TON of work doing something small! I am used to making BIG items and my hat is off to all the guys who make small props :)

Enjoy the pics and thanks for looking!










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That looks wonderful!

I assume niece was happy?

PS: Don't let all the nieces know that they can get this sort of coolness from their uncles and aunties - you're ruining it for all of us :)

Pete SSS

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What a great looking Pixie! I LOVE the way you have suspended it in the cage, it really looks like he's hovering there. Perfect little prop.


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What an amazing little guy you've created here, you can see in his face he's thinking of a way out to cause more havoc. You've really caught his personality, awesome job. I'm glad to hear you niece loved it, what a wonderful gift to receive.


Awesome Pixie :)
Thanks for sharing your photo's.
I'm just about to start on one. I've never done a sculpt before so I appreciate having something so awesome to refer to.
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