Hannibal Stag/Wendigo Build


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Hello all,

I'm beginning designs for a Hannibal Stag/Wendigo Build. I'm 6'8" and somewhat thin, so I fit the natural proportions for the character, but I'm looking for suggestions on materials for the more exaggerated elements. My initial plans are detailed below, after the pics.

I'm going to create this costume in two stages--the suit version first, then the full body. Though the suit is less work, it requires me to knock out the most difficult elements of the build--the horns and hands.

hannibal-wendigo.jpg 1x13_HannibalAsWendigo.jpg hannibalstag2.jpg tumblr_inline_n5de1zazkE1rnite0.png

The Antlers: I've built large-scale horns in the past and found expanding foam lightweight but difficult to get into the correct shape. I'm imagining the best way to get the antler build correct would be to build the primary antler, then use thin armature and expanding foam to build up each individual auxillary antler protruding from it. If anyone on the forum has suggestions for a better method of antler creation, I'd love to hear it--I'm comfortable with sculpting/molding/casting if there's a good rigid molding resin/expanding foam combo you would suggest.

The Hands: Those fingers are crazy. I'm imagining a silicone glove covered in liquid latex for texturing would be the best way to create this effect. Again, any suggestions you may have to belp these along would be greatly appreciated.

The Feet: Though rarely pictured, the characters feet are hoof like, and the legs resemble a Fawn's leg. I'm still working out how to create this effect without using stilts. I'm already 6'8" and would hate to make myself even taller--though that would be extra terrifying.

The Body: I'm going to build this out of EVA foam then seek out/sew my own matte black body suit to create the seamless effect. I'll be sculpting the ribs, then molding/casting them in a lightweight resin or expanding foam.

The Face: I'm a white dude, so I'm going to get a generic white face mask and paint it matte black to avoid the inevitable blackface drama that would ensue if I used my own face. This will be pretty simple.

This is easily the most ambitious costume build I've attempted--up to now, I've only worked with EVA foam (Samus Aran Varia Suit/Grey Fox), Expanding Foam (Lich Horns), Silicone Molding/Resin Casting (Lich Mask), and machine sewing. I'm open to any suggestions you may have to help me along. I expect this build to run into 2016, as it's the only major build I'll be working on for the year.


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I don't have much to add as far as help but I'll be following this thread cuz it'll be cool when finished. And of course cuz I'm always learning new stuff on here daily.



There's nothing like "too terrifying", I understand why you wouldn't wanna use stillts, but bare in mind you will have to "add" quite a lot at the front and back of your legs in order to create a similar effect, and that might affect the overall shape of the costume.

If you're happy with your sculpting/casting skills, why not sculpt the antler, make a fiberglass mould, and just brush J-foam as a skin for the details and run the biscuit foam on the inside for strength? You could also attach an armature from inside the mould that'd poke out, so you can later attach it to your head.

Why would you wanna mix silicone with latex? or did you mean rubber gloves with latex texturing? although you could also use fabric gloves? Or just sculpt the hands xD and cast the all thing out of latex /foam.

Not sure if it helps at all, but you got me very curious. I think it'll allow you amazing Halloweens and great photo shoots!


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I've begin roughing out my design for this costume--it got put on the backburner while I prepped my Lich and Daniel for Dragon Con. I actually met a girl at the con dressed as the Wendigo, and helped handle her while she waited for her friend; while we were together, she gave me a lot of tips on how to fabricate different parts of the costume.

For the ribs, I'm going to create the actual bone structure out of EVA foam, and may use some armature wire underneath to allow a flexible but stable "hold" for the rib shape. I'll add some cotton for effect in the center and at the very bottom. Then I'll cover this design in a charcoal black lycra--matte, of course, and weathered. Fortunately, I'll have to wear it overtop of a body suit--one which I intend to include an ice vest under, so I can keep somewhat cool. Going to also give this guy a spine made out of Great Stuff, also covered in black lycra. The whole form will sit like a vest.

Rather than hulking out my arms and legs with a ton of padding, I'll make a few key foam inserts to accentuate my leg and arm bones, and possibly pad out my calves, then wear black latex leggings to contain it all and give it a seamless effect.

I'm already 6'8" and with the horns on, I'm probably going to be around 8.5' so I'll probably just mod a pair of my regular boots to look like hooves. Any sort of lift would put me over the 9' mark, and I'd like to clear doorways in the cons I'll attend in this.

For the antlers, I'm going to create the frame out of aluminum foil, then papier mache it, sand, gesso, paint, and possibly plasti-dip. Still figuring out how to mount them, but I'll probably use a device similiar to my Lich--stable plastic hat, like a bike helmet, + mount holes. Depends on how lightweight they turn out.

I'm still deciding how I'll cast the face. I'm going to make it a full bust mask with a zipper up the back--I'd considered latex, but latex shrinks like mad. will probably have to go the silicone route.

Anyway, I have a loose outline of what to try--now I just need to actually begin creating.
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