Hannibal Lecter


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Hey guys, looking to see what's available as far as Hannibal Lecter props.

I got in touch with Edward Cubberly (who made the mask for Silence of the Lambs) and was quoted at $1,000.00 (!!!) for a mask cast off the screen used. A little out of my price range. Anyone know any good ones for a little more less expensive? (George Costanza- buying a new wheelchair).

Any one know anything on the strait jacket or jumpsuit?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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there used to be a seller who sold fibre glass masks, i had a quick search but cant find them. Im sure hes still selling them though! Not sure how accurate or inaccurate they are but there a **** load better than the don post mask.


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I'm looking for anything really, not just the mask. Although something looks off about the Kropserkel mask IMO. I think it is the strapping system.

The case files would be awesome though. Wish you would do them again, Walter.

I also read online that the knife used to gut Pattsy in Hannibal was a Spyderco Harpy. I have a serrated stainless model (a savage looking knife) but the one used in that scene was a rare Carbon Fiber handled Plain Edge. Usually goes on eBay (when it shows up) for $250+.


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I've been looking around for the best mask.. Really want a nice one as I want to get someone to do up a Hannibal bust to go with it.. The search continues, so if anyone has info..
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