Hannibal king costume. Need help!


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Hey propers, I'm trying to put together a Hannibal king costume from the end of Blade trinity (wife beater, khaki pants), and am having trouble getting reference pics of the leg holster, shoulder holster, and necklace. Any help would be appreciated :)


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This is the best I could find...




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Holster from rescue. Appears to be similar, but the top rivets seem to have fallen out or been removed.
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Made a Hannibal costume a few years back. The holsters are custom, made from leather and grey canvas.

Thanks for the input movie buff! Was trying to get pics of the shoes and necklace off the t.v, damn near impossible! Hey Gilmore, could I possibly get some pics of your holsters if you don't mind? I'm thinking of making mine custom as well, would be appriciated :)
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