Han Solo ANH Hero Blaster Flash Hider *FOUND*

Wasn't there more than one case of him saying he had something but refused to let anyone see it? Before my time but it rings a bell...

So guys, I FOUND the correct rare fireextinguisher nozzle, So you can stop looking now....I'm not going to post picture because some of you might steal them and start selling replicas before me...


From Boba Debt's nostalgia thread in the OT
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Believe it or not, this is the flash hider from my last active project which ended years before we had an MG-81 Flash Hider.

Lonepigeon is primarily responsible for it's improvements

If you're considering Jason Joiner's word as proof (as Barry referred to) I can think of many of his claims that proved false as well. Bapty told him the ESB Fett rifle stock was a custom made piece, one of a kind.
So we don't really have very reliable sources for information on the piece, but one did provide an actual part.

i will correct you there my friend, Bapty said that this shoulder stock was not standard army issue and had to be ordered by the person that owned the gun and as the number on the gun and the stock was the same then it is likely that the person bought the guy him self and ordered it as a privet order at the same time and took it to the front with him rather than be issued to him when he got there , back in these days you could buy guns and the upper classes would buy the weapons they felt they needed, so i never said it was a "one of a kind" and i would be silly saying it as i have seen one before i bought the screen used one from Bapty's so i am well aware that its not a one of a kind part .

That is what made Baptys reluctant to sell this gun to me as it was a very rare gun as it had the shoulder stock , thats they he told me and it sounding like they knew what he was talking about , i hope that helps clear this aspect up about me telling the the story i was told and if what i say is the truth, now you know why i feel this to be the truth.

i must say these old posts are very interesting , i feel because i did not go on many forums and talk about the things i own lots of people have talked about things i own and say things about them that are not quite correct it is fascinating reading :).

its not a real issue its just very interesting reading on here , not relating to this post "lone pigeon" or you but in other threads some of the things i have supposed to have said over the years its quite funny and so far from what i have achy said its fascinating reading :)

anyway i hope that this clears this up and maybe people may feel i am not trying to mislead anyone on this gun , why i would want to mislead anyone on this matter i really cannot understand ? but now you know what i know .

hope that helps

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