HALO ODST M6C SOCOM pistol props


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Hey guys, I just finished repairing one (back broken) and assembling and painting up the other 2 today. They were fully functional but due to their base material(resin) , they don't hold up very well to use. So I put in a brass rod for reinforcement and filled the bodies with resin for weight and strength.




Thanks guys. The weapon case is a pelican 1720.

The kits , I just found out came from papasmurf!! My teammate Deadeye purchased 11 of them for our team to use.
Thanks guys, SgtFury , I used, tamiya rubber black for the grips as well as nato black. I also used tamiya gun metal with a grey primer and flat black base. I then painted up all the darker areas with very thinned down flat black paint.
Hey can you link me to where i can buy the paints you used, Im ready to paint mine at the moment, but need to know what specific paints to use.

Thanks, nice work by the way!
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