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  1. Church

    Halo Sniper Scope

    So a long time ago like 3 years ago i started a project and ive finally finished it but i just wanted to post it here since i didn't want to limit it to the 405th Now it is for sale but since im not a premium member i cant make a post with the link but it did take slightly over 3 years to...
  2. J

    Unsure of next steps

    Good morning all. I am working on a Halo Mk V helmet. I started with a Pepakura file and am close to completing the assembly. This is my first time doing this sort of thing and I'm doing it as a gift so I want it to look good. I was thinking that I would cover the paper with 2mm craft foam...
  3. V

    Halo Magnum Foam File?

    Does anyone have a template/file for the Halo magnum? I'm nearing a cosplay comp and need to make a small weapon. I am using EVA foam, so if there's anyway i can make a magnum from that i would be happy to hear how. Thanks
  4. PlanetAlexander

    Halo: Combat Evolved Marine Cosplay (405th)

    Aloha RPF! If there are any Halo fans interested, I've got a thread running on the 405th for my Halo: Combat Evolved marine cosplay. The thread can be found here. Here are a couple of images of progress at the time of posting:
  5. F0recaster12

    Questions on assignable LEDs for blaster

    I am trying to make a custom blaster, using foam and PVC (and other odds and ends)...in fact I have most of it built. The question I have is more about the assignable LEDs...has anyone seen or programmed a sound/light kit that would let you hold the trigger of the blaster and allow it to...
  6. PlanetAlexander

    Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica

    Aloha! Now that I've got some new tools (mainly a scroll saw), I've decided that I'm finally gonna start my Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum prop. However, I picked up a cheap Nerf Firestrike Elite gun a while ago, so now I plan on making a prop that can actually fire. Here is an outline I traced...
  7. S

    Halo4: Forward Unto Dawn

    So with a new Halo game coming out, my son and I decided to do Halo costumes for Halloween. I want to do the armor from the Halo4 movie. Trouble is, I can't figure out which armor it is in the movie. I've compared all the armors and supposedly it's a Mark IV like from the Halo Legends The...
  8. DaftPunker01

    Halo: Combat Evoled Armor (Mark V)

    Halo Mark V (MJORLNIR) --PDO-- Hello everyone, here I leave a classic armor, in an old page are no longer available, but luckily I could download it before they removed it, here is the download link, which is in Google Drive and also a page so that can be guided with the measures Google...
  9. Church

    Halo weapon Mechanics

    Is there anyone out there who has been looking for a way to make the mechanism for the firearms the UNSC uses? I have and i think this thread could help everyone make slightly better props that could possibly work closely to the one in the video game
  10. T

    Halo or Titanfall Costume Plan

    Hello! Sorry I am new to RPF, but I was curious if anyone had any guilds or tips into starting cosplaying. I have been searching and have found files and plan on buying all the material, however I do not know how to start. I am planning on trying to get it done by Halloween but no promises. I...
  11. jusdrewit

    Custom Cortana statue WIP

    (Made this thread on another forum, but thought I would share. Have condensed my posts into one thread.) Hope this is the right forum! This is my first ever custom statue attempt (although I have done a few NFL Mcfarlane custom player conversions recently) and this is my WIP so far. I've...
  12. J

    First post-not first rodeo. So Glad I found this group

    I am designing and testing a piece of safety gear for motorcycle riders that is HEAVILY influenced exoskeleton armor. I live in Thailand and the people here are wonderful; but the talent is not up to modern standards. I am looking for partners with the following badassedness: Design in...
  13. SargeB96

    Plastic Casing for Airsoft

    Hi, everyone I'm wondering if anyone one might have a tutorial or the like for what materials and/or steps it would take to modify or add to the casing of an airsoft gun. I'm wanting to build sci-fi guns with working parts, but I don't have access to real fire arms and airsoft is the next bast...
  14. O

    Odst mk ii

    Friends! Cohorts! I have good news, I have begun process of my "MK II." So far I have completed the torso piece of a file from vidofnir234 on the Halo 4 pack. My process so far. Pepakura has been very helpful than the last build, though that doesn't mean I wont use the same techniques from time...
  15. will or liam

    Plexiglass Visors

    Hey guys! I'm working on a Halo Mk V helmet for RTX out of craft foam and electronics (will post when finished), but I've reached a standstill at one of the last steps. I need to make a visor for the helmet. I have plexiglass on hand, I was wondering if it can be heated and warped/rounded to fit...
  16. P

    Halo 4 Battle Rifle (BR85HB) Wood Prop Build

    about 3 months ago i started a project to build a prob Halo 4 Battle Rifle. After printing off an accurate size print (size based on my height) i started cutting and shaping layers of different thickness of MDF gluing them together to get a close as possible shape to the actual game gun. PVC...
  17. LeyLow

    Anyone got foam templates of Halo 5 guns?

    I was wondering if any of you have Halo 5 2D templates scaled to the right proportions of a normal person to share with me? :) or if you guys could help me scale this 2D template of some of the halo 5 guns that I really want to make out of styrofoam or mdf(depends on whatever I can get my hands on).
  18. thevitamink

    halo elite gold zealot

    I'm working through my short list of costumes. No 3 on the list is the gold elite from halo. I'm using the version from 2 and the 3 multiplayer i worked up some drawings in illustrator from photos of the action figure and google searches. I printed these out with ruler marks to align them...
  19. JustFLyCasual

    Destiny Grasp of Malok Build

    Hey yall! This is actually my first build, and I realize how big of a undertaking this project will be, and it's probably going to be a while till it all comes together, but hey gotta start somewhere first right? I've really enjoyed my time playing destiny and was inspired by some of the...
  20. O

    Halo - ODST Mk I

    So this is my second attempt of creating a suit, but now I think I have it under control. As you can see I am not continuing my work on "Arkham Origins - Batman Mk I," but on this... Yes, My first Halo suit, and I know this one will be easier considering there are more tutorials for this...
  21. THEdanru

    Halo Pelican Model

    Hi, This is my first thread:D about my Halo Pelican Dropship. I started a while back, so the model has made a lot of progress. The model is made of 0.5mm plasticard. The model is pretty rough, because i started off tracing some paper templates i found off here...
  22. D

    EVA cutting and beveling problems

    So I finally decided to build my first proper costume recently. I got hold of templates and a good tutorial to follow. It's a Halo: Reach ODST armor. Cutting out and tracing the templates onto eva foam is pretty much straightforward for me.. well I could be neater but it works. But when it...
  23. made007

    Aksor Fallen Archon Priest Cosplay, Destiny Game

    Its been a long time since I posted here I bought a new computer so I can return now heres my new project its gonna be my first large scale cosplay, so ill learn on the road hope I can get it done shrapnel launcher heres the model laellee made for me already on fiberglass for this build...
  24. Dirtsen

    Deprecated Halo 4/5 Master Chief Helmet

    Before I post pictures... I have to say this first. The very reason I got into prop building was, because I always (!!!) wanted to have a Master Chief Armor! Halo introduced me to my first very own console. Before that I had always shared a SNES or a N64 wit my brother. And it brought a lot of...
  25. ninjareaper

    DONUT!!!!!!!! armor rvb halo build

    ​so this is "technically" my second halo build, but the first one i just gave up on since it became too difficult at the level i was at. well i did the fiberglass pepakura method but then found out about the eva foam method and tried it. well for me the foam method was much easier and less time...

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