halo elite gold zealot


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I'm working through my short list of costumes. No 3 on the list is the gold elite from halo. I'm using the version from 2 and the 3 multiplayer
IMG_0392.JPG Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 7.30.51 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-05 at 7.31.06 PM.png i worked up some drawings in illustrator from photos of the action figure and google searches. I printed these out with ruler marks to align them life size when i projected them.
the final will be in fiberglass.
I'm just building this up in eva then making molds.
IMG_20170128_220658_832.jpgIMG_20170118_225327_852.jpgIMG_20170210_190157_467.jpgIMG_20170207_202213_326.jpgany rough areas i'll fix in the final.

So I reached a point where finishing it in time for dragon con 2017 wasn't realistic. I have several fiberglass parts but many more to go..

shoulder.JPGhead4.jpg the head was sculpted in WED. The mandibles were all separate parts.
fiberglass2.JPG A small pile of fiberglass parts
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thanks! I'm not fond of wearing eva but using it to build shapes "quickly"( relatively speaking) is one of it's selling points. I'm trying to be forgiving of rough areas that i'll fill/sand later in the hard final.


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so i'm currently casting/laying up the fiberglass parts. won't be done by dragoncon this year. i've already made close to 10 molds and need several more.. not enough time..sad but true

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Beautiful work so far, I love the figure you have positioned in your posts. It would be adorable if it rode on your shoulder or something once the suit is complete ;)