Halo 4 Master Chief helmet

Thanks for the commments

@ Moose, The pep model was a beast to pep out, don't think I will do one like that again, I really did it for the challange, and it definatly challanged me
Glad all of you guys like how its looking
Well I have an update, I pretty much finished up all the detail work so the helmet is just about finished, tomorrow I plan to paint a base coat of green on it, seal any open areas and send it to my friend so he can cast it, so this should be the last set of pics of it in primer gray, I had to do alot of bondo sculpting in the nose area to kind of make it resemble the Halo 4 helmet in the Halo 4 adds, let me know what you think, I will post some pics of it tomorrow with a green base coat so you guys can see it in a diffrent color than gray, Hope you guys like it






Thanks for looking
beautiful Job on this Hyper. I can't wait to start the mold process on this and bang out some castings. I love the helmet and how well you have done on the detail work. amazing as always!
Thanks guys for the comments, don't look like to many people here are into Halo builds so my next build will be something diffrent

Finally finished with this helmet for the time being, Since its going to be molded next week I just put a gloss green paint on it so the cast will look good, once its molded I may finish the paint job on the original helmet but I rather paint a cast because this helmet has a little weight to it from all the body work, Since im finished with this helmet I now can finish putting together my Reach foam suit for MegaCon, Blackula who is a member on this site will be making the mold for this helmet for me so hopefully he will post the molding process in this thread

Wow man. You did a great job. There is barely any reference out there.. And you picked up on most of the detail. I've very impressed. Great Job!
Wow man. You did a great job. There is barely any reference out there.. And you picked up on most of the detail. I've very impressed. Great Job!

Thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it especially coming from the guys who made the first Halo 4 hemet I had seen, you guys made the Halo 4 Chief helmet look great
So I got this box O Junk in the mail and here is what came out of it.




Looks like I’ll be molding soon…lol

I had to put it on even though you told me not too :)

Also, I made some minor adjustments to it and I'm sure you'll agree, the details pop now (Pictured below).


Thanks Steven!!
as you wish John...lol

Starting the molding process today. Should have more pictures as I move along. Wish me luck :)




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