Halloween 2013- *Resident Evil Mashup* *AXE COMPLETE* PIC HEAVY


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wooooow, so many iron man threads. millions. but not this one. this year, i'm going back to a thing none of my costumes have represented in a while: horror. now, none of you probably know me or remember me but essentially i do costumes and never really complete them, because oft times i procrastinate or i'm using a method that just isn't fun to me (pep/foaming). as such my sith acolyte and iron woman (for a friend) costumes sucked. though i did manage a pretty decent barebones lady thor this year for orlando megacon...in a week...

not in the completed stage, but you get the idea. add a little silver paint, a red cape. wasn't too shabby for the little time i had.

anyway. this year is different. i started last month to give myself plenty of time to work and figure out each step of my costume, and that costume iiiiiiiiiiis.....

a mix of stuff. lol. it's about 94% resident evil based, however. from these guys, mostly.

so there we have good ol' Nemesis, and an Axeman. the costume will mostly be Axeman, utilizing the axe and hood as the main focal points. from nemesis i'm taking the fleshy tubes on and around the neck. i won't have the leather apron, and i'm not even close to ripped, but the rest of the soft parts are yet to be determined. except for the gloves. i'm making some similar to these

with the pinky and thumb. i dunno why, but i like them. they're strange, and to me add to some horror aspect. i'm a weirdo. either way i'm using elbow lengh opera gloves for that.

so far the hood looks like this

the seam is on the back side. i need to trim the edges still, as i've got a lot of extra cloth, but i'm waiting until i have the flesh tubes made, or at least prototyped, so i know where they'll be sitting on my shoulders. i don't want to cover them up too much, but the first incarnation of the hood i butchered with the scissors because i just cut all willy nilly. not this time. i'll wait til i've got some reference.

as for the flesh tubes, i'll be using these

foam insulators. i've got some liquid latex that i'll be trying to use to make them look more like flesh. i have never used this before so i dunno the process here. just to get used to it i'm using a crappy brush to paint it onto a scrap piece of the tube to see how it comes out. ANY INFO ON HOW I CAN MAKE NEMESIS-LIKE FLESH TUBES IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED! :lol

also i've got these for smaller tubes where ever else on my body that i want them

it's just textured sprinkler tubing. looks really cool from the start up imo.

otherwise i've been working on the hammer. hold on, folks, thar be pics incoming.

used 1/2" MDF to make the head/axe blade, and a long shaft we had laying in the garage. note, this isn't to the massive scale of the movie's Axemen. it's hefty enough as it is... the metal spikes i ordered online from some place that has wrought iron pieces for fences etc. held together mostly by wood glue, and some screws. anyway, here we go. (some pics may be outta order. bear with me?)

cutting and sanding time lol

used some water putty to fill in those gaps.

in the car, on the way to hobby lobby for black thread for the hood. pretty much sums up how i felt, and how i've been feeling lately :unsure

the black goop is RTV, black silicon. drilled out a hole, used a dremel to widen/shape it to fit the base of the spearhead, gooped it up, then stuck it in tight. oh mama.

and so far that's pretty much that. i've since primed and painted. used some red primer so i can sand the dark metallic silver down to show some rust effect (that was an after thought, actually. i didn't plan it that way. the gray primer wouldn't spray lol). not sure if i'm gonna weather it, but i am gonna use some hot glue and acrylic paint to add some bloody mess to it.

i'll do my best to keep this updated as i chug along.

thanks for looking!!

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Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY


ya know, i haven't weighed it in. and at the moment i don't have the means to do so. i'd wager the head is right around 10lbs as it is, with the spearhead but without the spikes. when the paint dries and i can get it on our scale, i'll do so.
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

with the tubing you are gonna have to be very careful putting on the latex. The foam will just soak it up. You could possibly plastidip the foam and then paint to to what colors you want...
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

looks killer (literally) :lol can't wait to see it painted

i wish i had a workshop like that :) great job :thumbsup

* i like the thread title :) *
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

it's actually not absorbing the latex at all. it's foam in that it's a ton of little air bubbles all formed together. so on the outside, it's all actually really well sealed and non-absorbent. and as for colors, i'm probably gonna color the latex as much as possible once i figure it all out. that is, color it prior to application, so it dries fleshy instead of clear/ white.

thanks ironmaided! i'm kinda..meh...on the color i got. it's metallic silver. waaaay to metallic. not chrome, mind you, but it's very shiny. i think i'll darken it/sand it back. and as for my "work shop," lol, it's just our garage. granted the tools are a huge plus lol. still, thanks for the words!!

i hadn't been on the site in quite some time. i mean yeah there used to be a large number of IM threads, but *****...it's like every other thread is mk42. if not that then TASM or batman. oh well. what's popular will be popular.
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

I just mix acrylic paints into the latex to get whatever color i need.....regardless, it looks great so far...

Take care,
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

Ahh, thanks for the info. I'll have to go pick some paint up today then.

And thanks for the compliments! :)
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

turned a short sleeve compression shirt into a sleeveless compression shirt. learned a tiny bit of how to sew in the process.

a bit stymied on the paint at this moment due to not having any fine sandpaper to dull the shine. i'll pick some up tomorrow on my way home from work and then moar updates.
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

On the tubes, I would brush on latex, then while wet, drape toilet paper across it, letting it gather and fold. The latex will permeate the tissue, and form a latex skin. After covering the whole thing, then mix acrylic paint with latex in various fleshy/bloody colors, and apply another coat. I've made sets of intestines like this, and they work great.
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

you. i love you. i'd have never thought of that, i'll definitely try it on my little piece of sample tubing i've been testing on.

small update: here's how the hammer looks with the first coat of paint.

it's hard to tell in the photos, but that paint is super shiny. that red glow in the 3rd photo is not from the primer showing through, it's the reflection of my shirt. i got some 320 grit sandpaper to dull it down a bit, so i'll get on that later today. also i'm kinda hating how, even after priming, the seams where the wood was layered together seem to take the paint a whole lot better than the cut edges. i'm gonna have to figure a way to cover that up as best as i can.

i hope to get some work done on the gloves today. well, not me, per se. i have next to zero sewing experience. so i'm giving them to mom. she knows this stuff.

oh also, i got this

for my eye. i figure if i'm doing anything from resident evil, mutation has to be a part of it. i like the spiky bone brow, looks as though the bone started to mutate and grew spiky through the flesh. and this way i can take off the hood and still be in full costume.

more updates to come, keep sending the love and suggestions, it's really helping me out and making me want to have more to show you guys!
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

so the 320 did nothing. bumped down to 80, pulled off some of the shine but not much. soo, i darkened it with dark metallic and black, then re-sprayed lightly with the primer to make a rusty look. i may add a little more red, but at this point i like it.

Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

the rest of the spikes are in and looking good. i un-intentionally color matched my paint with the color of the spearhead on top. i am pleased by this. lol. also i added the glue-gore. i may have gone over the top a bit, but i want it to look ridiculous and nasty. i mean come on. it's a huge hammer axe thing. of course it's over the top. paint comes next.

also that glue on the tips of the spikes covers the sharp point. safety first!
Re: Halloween 2013- Not Ironman PIC HEAVY

well, here it is. 10-12 pounds of nasty, bloody, chunky hammer axe. thing.

yep. there you have it. i think i may pick up some gloss red to go over it, make the blood look more wet. it looked just sick while it was drying. light saturation from the flash kinda makes it look goofy, but in person i think it's just terrific. and terrifying. glad to have this done, though!
Re: Halloween 2013- *Not Ironman* *AXE COMPLETE* PIC HEAVY

Bornkilr- what kind of toilet paper would you suggest? i'm thinking something like cheapo stuff? i used some charmin and it's a bit too...thick, i guess? too absorbent maybe? or maybe just peel the layers apart...i had to brush latex over the top of it just to get it wet lol. looks kinda nasty, though, i'll give you that.
Re: Halloween 2013- *Not Ironman* *AXE COMPLETE* PIC HEAVY

anybody listening? :confused

small update: claws.

saw "pumpkin teeth" at walmart, immediately thought of them as quick claws. so i dremeled the ends out a bit and stuck them on with a bit of spirit gum. didn't hold well due to not enough surface area contact, but the immediate look is pretty killer, in my opinion. so i went back to walmart today after work and bought some cheap halloween fake fingernails and some epoxy, and have since attached the claws to the nails. the nails are a bit long so i will probably have to trim them back and make them more flush with my fingertips. either way, this should make the fake nail stick to my nail much more solid-like, whether i used the little sticky pad that came with the fake ones or if i use spirit gum. i plan on painting them up a bit, maybe a bone color, dirty and yellowed at the tip. or maybe black, not sure yet. i'm envisioning having the thumb and pinky claws ripping through the ends of their respective fingers in the gloves.

for reference, it's kinda like a simplified version of this, yet another RE baddie

so i'm continuing the theme. kinda.

don't leave me hanging, guys! all input and suggestions are welcome, from detail ideas to tips on how i should think about creating certain effects or props. this thing's really got me itching to build new stuff after the fact...

edit: oh oh also. i forgot, i bought a length of chain to use as a sort of chain belt. from the end of that i'd like to have some sort of nasty meat hook hanging, sort of like Pinhead's up in the pic in the first post.
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many thanks! i know it's not movie accurate, the shape of the axe blade is off, among other things, but i love it how it is. i've never tackled anything of it's size and i'm very pleased how it has come out, considering what work i put into it. though all in all it wasn't horribly taxing on my part.

small tragedy update: i seem to have contracted a bit of bronchitis. bummer. i'll work where i can, but a lot of the things i have left to do that i will be doing myself involve either fumes (latex) or little bits of plastic flying all over the place, and i'd like to give my lungs a break. keep on, fellows, keep on.
hey guys! my illness was defeated, though i still find myself coughing a little. unfortunately my motivation has suffered greatly, but i made a little progress last night and this afternoon. got my claws essentially completed, in that they're painted and ready to be applied. i mixed paints until i found a suitable color, a sort of diseased natural nail, kinda gross yellow-green, with some white, orange, and red in there somewhere. a few pics here, you can kinda see how i have the fake nail underneath the portion of the claw where i used the dremel to shave and shape it. i used epoxy to fix the fake nail to the claw.

i like the effect the brush-strokes create. like lines from the claw growing out.

ANYWAY. more to come, i've got a couple weeks left to finish up, should be ample time. gotta get the flesh tubes shaped and fleshed and painted, gloves are being worked on, still gotta figure out garb...at this point i've got combat boots and black tactical pants for the bottoms, which i intend to kinda cover using a "spooky black curtain drape thing" i got from walmart, then the chain belt. as for the top, i got a compression shirt that i cut the sleeves off of, but i'll have to butcher it further in order to accommodate the flesh tubes, which i really won't be able to do until i get the tubes at least measured, cut, and formed with some heat. also, i need to figure out what to do with open skin. darken it, maybe a dirty look kinda like coal dust smears? i dunno. suggestions would be helpful, though i know no one is really following this. whatevs.

catch ya next time around
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