Guy Manuel first Pep build


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Hi, I have been lurking here now for awhile just reading, absorbing and taking in as much as possible and decided to jump in with my first pep build being a DungBeatle Guy Manuel Tron helmet. I think the pep went fairly well for my first piece but am looking for a little advice now after resin and fiberglass.

Here it is fiberglassed already


And here is the part I could use some advice on. As you can see it has warped some and was REALLY bowed in around the lower portion of the visor before resin, so I cut a dowel and woodglued it in to bow it back out which consequently warped other portions. It looks worse than it is just because of the angle it is sitting at in the picture. Im wondering what some suggestions would be to even things out now? Any help and ideas would be awsome. Once again, great work by the members of this fourm.

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