Guy Manuel Daft Punk Helmet WIP


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Hey, this is my first real build and I wanted to share it with everyone since I got a lot of help from old threads/asking members questions. It isn't extremely accurate since I drew the template freehand and because of that, I've had to redo a couple of things. Also, my methods probably aren't the best, but now I'm getting the hang of this and I have a better idea of what helps and what hinders progress.


I started off with pink insulation foam and carved it into the general shape of the helmet.


Eventually got to this, but was alerted to the fact that the front of the helmet looked "squished" in.


This is before the chin was taken back down to foam and corrected. It also shows an idea I had for the ear pieces, but scrapped. Also, I used bondo on top of the foam, with a layer of glue in between. One thing I learned, even after scuffing up the duct tape, bondo doesn't hold as well to the tape compared to the rest of the helmet. Also, I know that it's best to have the bondo as smooth as possible, to save time sanding and also to prevent wasting it, but I get impatient sometimes. Oh well, I bought an orbital sander, so getting it smooth didn't take too long.


This is how it sits now. I need to finish sanding the back and sides, and then I'm working on the ears tomorrow.

Testing out the code that James Moss provided to Volpin for his helmet. Took a little bit of trial and error, but I should be good to go now.

Just wanted to say thanks to Thermistor and Volpin for answering my questions and for providing good info/detail on their projects.

Also, here is a shot of a Stay Puft costume I made 2 years ago. Not as pro as the other projects on this site, but still a hit!



Thanks Sarkin! I'm anxious to get this helmet done, but It won't be chromed right away. On the plus side, my friend used to run a chroming business and still has some samples of a spray chemical for chroming. We'll have to see though, as I want the gold chrome, not silver.
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