Guren MK2-Code Geass Pepakura Project


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Hey everyone so the other day i came across a 3D model of the Guren MK 2 from anime Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion. And i thought this would be an awesome cosplay armour to have so i downloaded and got to work on it to prepare it for pepakura. After looking at the model it's pretty close model to the anime and for something that was made in Sketchup it's pretty close. However the model wasn't made to be a cosplay model so the inside isn't hollow. And the model isn't unified into one model which makes it easy modify in Blender to be cosplay ready. The thing is it's a big model and i was working on making the head hollow all day but then my computer crashed and i lost all my progress... i'll be working on the helmet again this Saturday so what i would like to know is if anybody would like to help out so it doesn't take forever to hollow the armour so it can be worn. Here's an image as well as the file:

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