Gremlins 2: Gremlin Skeleton preservation


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Hi everyone! Here I am again at my favourite obsession: restoring and recasting original fragile or damaged Gremlins props for preservation.
In this case, the full greml P1300097_1_1_014 - copie.jpg P1300097_1_1_003 - copie.jpg P1300097_1_1_005 - copie.jpg View attachment P1300097_1_1_006 - copie.jpg P1300097_1_1_018 - copie.jpg P1300097_1_1_019 - copie.jpg P1300097_1_1_003 - copie.jpg in skeleton.
Despite of the recent Rick Baker’s Propstore auctions, it was quite difficult to gather all the original parts: none of the available sets were complete. I had to reunite parts from several lots, and in the end I succeeded in getting almost everything.
But the parts were in quite bad condition, and most of them, unused raw, « trash » castings.
The easiest way to restore the arms and legs was to 3D scan and restore them digitally, before 3D printing copies, as I didn’t want to alter the original parts too much (I had to trim them, however). Then I gathered the parts as much as I could, before moulding, so that I wouldn’t have to make 50 molds or so. A few bits had to be resculpted manually from scratch: a few vertebrae, two ribs…
After molding (in rotocast resin), I added square sockets between the torso, arms, legs and head, so that the final model would be a bit poseable… The paint job is intentionally not too white; rather like one of the skeletons that were used as melting gremlins.
Next restoration of this type: the full size spider gremlin!

Too Much Garlic

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Awesome project. But shouldn't this be in the production made section?

Since you scanned it, you can basically make it in any size you want. Do you have any pictures of the 3D scans? Always love to see 3D scans.
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