Green Arrow - Mia Queen (Arrowverse)


New Member
I've looked around and didn't see anyone who tried to do the Mia Queen - Green Arrow suit, so I'm creating this thread because I'll make it from scratch and I want to share the process (if anyone ever wants to do it, maybe this can help)


It has been a nightmare to find good images of the back of the suit, but I'll keep looking (if anyone knows anywhere that has maybe behind the scenes photos or stuff, I would thank u forever ^^)

Fun fact: I have Dinah' Drake's Black Canary and I'm working on Laurel's Arrow s8 Black Canary suit, so I'll basically be the entire Green Arrow and the Canaries spin off:lol: (sadly it didn't happen, it would've been so cool, but at least we have cosplay ^^)

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