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I'm making a Kilowog cosplay for the upcoming Dragon Con. The suit is going to be based off of the New 52 costume designs, with some inspiration from previous Kilowog costumes from the comics. All my templates were made by me, the only exception being the muscle suit. I am by NO means a professional template maker, and my templates are meant to work with my oddly wired brain; So if you use my templates to reference your own costume, be warned that they might come off extremely confusing, like they were for me at some parts as well. As I progress with the cosplay, I'll post pictures and updates. Here's what I have so far for the head.

The Jaw template I made originally was wayyy to big for the head. So what I did was trace out a template, roughly the size mouth hole, and then glued the teeth chunks from the original template, onto my makeshift one. And it worked awesomely. The two Black things inside the mask are 10mm EVA foam. The top one is for comfort and to hold the shape of the foam, whilst the bottom one is to make the jaw actually move. My chin rests on top of the bottom one, and everytime I move my mouth, the jaw follows. I only have one problem of the jaw not returning to it's original position, and it hangs more loosely then I would like, but the moving jaw functions just fine, and all that extra space will get smaller with the addition of lips and teeth. The teeth of which, I'll be making with resin, but sculpting out of sculpty. You can probably also tell I did a lot of sculpting already on the head, I'm no sculptor but the foam clay is pretty easy to use. It has somewhat of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes simple to add the details you need. Just add water to make it stickier (not a lot though, unless you want paste).

Ask me ANY questions you have about the cosplay, and I'll answer them in due time!

Materials Us(ing)ed:
- 6mm EVA Foam
-10mm EVA Foam
-4mm EVA foam
-Foam Clay
-Shoe Sole Replacements
-3in Upholstery Foam
-2in Upholstery Foam
-White LED Lights
-One way white screen

And so far, that's it for now!


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