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Hi guys. I'm always making DIY videos about my cosplays, specially the Arrowverse ones, and I posted some on my Instagram. Here's the video I've made for Dinah Drake
(I'm from Brazil but it has english subs)

Dinah Drake - Black Canary 2 from Arrow s5

update: I''ve decided to post all my Arrowverse cosplays in a single thread here. All made by me. I'm currently working on Laurel Lance's Black Canary from Arrow Season 8, gonna post the final results here later, for now I just have DIY videos where I show how I'm building them (part 1 with the templates making is on my YT, I'm still editing part 2 and there will be a part 3 later - those videos has no english subs but u can see anyways how I'm building everything)

Laurel Lance s8 Arrow part 1 (no subs):

My Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow (seasons 1 and 2):

White Canary6.jpg

Sara Lance - Legends of Tomorrow seasons 3-7:

White Canary1.jpg

Sara Lance - Arrow season 2 (the old one I've made, cause I had to do the jacket and pants again but still have 0 pics of the updated suit, I'll post here once I have it):


My Dinah Drake:

Dina Drake_03 copy.jpg

My Supergirl from seasons 1-4:


My Supergirl based on the concept art for season 5:

Supergirl 3.jpg

My adapted Overgirl (like evil Supergirl and not n*zi):

index (5).jpg

my second adapted Overgirl (skirt version):

Overgirl 1.jpg

my Alice from Batwoman (Improvised the coat for an event but I'm making her blue one, once is done, I'll post it here):


I'll make the Jesse Quick suit from The Flash in the future, once I do, I'll post it here ^^
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Interesting. Love the Arrowverse. I have the Supergirl and season one Batwoman outfit (which I just used in some photos for Halloween. looking forward to seeing more.

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