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  1. Numbuh1Nerd

    Boxing Glove Arrow Help?

    I'm working on making a collection of Ollie's trick arrows, and of course the crown jewel of the collection is the boxing glove arrow! Problem is: I'm in a real Goldilocks situation with boxing gloves. I bought one full-size pair from Amazon - 12oz Woldorf USA - that feel much too big. I got a...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    CWs Arrow- Kryptonite and Trick Arrows

    Modelled and printed these during the week. Going to continue with the rest of the collection.
  3. MegaLEGOFilms

    Arrow Season 6 Build (WIP)

    So, Ever since I saw the show back when it premired, I've always wanted to assemble a full Green Arrow cosplay. However, various things such as time, expenses, and knowledge have prevented me from that. Since then, money hasn't been quite as tight (still trying to do this fairly cheap though)...
  4. Maryfoxfirebird

    Fem Arrow Season 8 build

    After a small break from cosplaying I'm itching to try a new character. CW's Green Arrow in his season 8 suit. I really like how slimmed down the suit is. Fewer straps and buckles. I was able to pre order Superfit's Queen Track suit. It mimics the current suit but could pass as street wear or a...
  5. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli