Gravity feed spary gun/ airbrush help

Day Spartan

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I recently got a gravity feed gun and I am having problems connecting it to my compressor. I know am missing a connector of some kind but i have no idea.
Please help. this is the gun and compressor i have

division 6

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I was able to attach my hose without any problems, I have braided hoses for both my Iwata and Passche that both accept the male plug.

Does yours have the larger attachment end?
If not, then yeah you'll need another hose to use one.

Mr Mold Maker

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Alright, so your problem isn’t actually the hose. You will not be able to run an HVLP gun off of a tiny airbrush compressor like that. It puts out 1.0 cfm and that HVLP requires 8cfm.

You need a shop compressor and at absolute minimum, you want at least a ten gallon tank. Look for compressors with higher CFM Ratings. You can dial it back at the gun but if you have too little at the gun it’ll be starved for air.

You’d be better off still looking at LVLP guns instead of HVLP, but even an LVLP would not work with that compressor. The Iwata LPH80 for example requires 1.8CFM and that is still almost double what that compressor puts out.

What exactly are you looking to spray?

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