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  1. Axl42

    Hello! Advice Needed for Painting Spandex

    Hello friends! I am a fairly novice costume maker and seeking advice. I am recreating the Northern Lights in costume-form. The base of the costumes are a holographic spandex (see below - the suits will be black, not white) and I will be painting with Jacquard Lumiere & Neopaque. Any advice on...
  2. mrg149

    Painting EVA help

    I am trying to paint some EVA foam Belt pouches to make them look like aged black leather. I've created, sealed and painted the initial layers but neeed help with colors for aging/weathering. Please advise!
  3. Day Spartan

    Gravity feed spary gun/ airbrush help

    Hello. I recently got a gravity feed gun and I am having problems connecting it to my compressor. I know am missing a connector of some kind but i have no idea. Please help. this is the gun and compressor i have
  4. Krats

    Oil Paintings featuring props I've made

    This might not sound like it belongs here but bear with me a mo... So I’m around here a lot, occasionally posting but usually lurking. I love watching movies and making props but my main buzz comes from painting. A while back my wonderful (and incredibly patient) other-half suggested I combine...
  5. TanskiTannero

    Mandalorian Helmet. Please help!

    I need help figuring out how to paint Mando's helmet from the Mandalorian that I am 3D printing. I have access to an airbrush but I have never held or even used an airbrush. And I have gotten great success with just a can of spray paint. I don't have enough confidence in my abilities with just a...
  6. RavenNyx

    Custom Lightsaber Questions

    Please let me know if a similar thread exists for any or all of my questions here. First, my girlfriend is currently working on a custom paint scheme for her lightsaber and recently found some paint techniques that she wanted to try after having made a few mistakes on her first paint attempt...
  7. ChiCubsGordon24

    Mjolnir / General Paint Durability Help!

    Hey Fellow Makers! I'm hoping I can get some suggestions on painting techniques. I'm having an issue on my Mjolnir prop where the paint is rubbing off fairly quickly from use as seen in the attached pics. I 3D printed everything in PLA plastic and SLA resin. I have a layer of primer then paint...
  8. SadNarwhal

    Hector's Hammer from the Netflix Castlevania Series

    When I was watching the Netflix Castlevania series, I thought that it would be cool to make Hector's hammer. I designed everything in Fusion 360, 3D printed the pieces, and hand painted the whole thing with craft acrylics. I have a few links below to an album of pictures and an article I wrote...
  9. JazZeke

    Power Ranger Helmet Painting Advice?

    I got a used Red Ranger helmet that's overdue for a new paint job and I've decided to take the plunge. However, I've never done anything like this and I'm not sure where to begin. Will spray paint do, or should I spring for a paint sprayer (my dad already has a compressor)? Either way, what...
  10. J

    Rub 'n Buff and coatings

    I want to use Rub 'n Buff but I was wondering should I put it on before I use paint coating or after paint coating. (I'm not going to buy a special Rub' n Buff coating because I'm on a low budget)

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