1. helix_3

    Does Pledge still manufacture a floor gloss that can be used for airbrushing?

    EDIT: Pledge Floor Gloss is no more Future/ Pledge Floor Care/ Pledge Revive It are no longer available. Of the commercially available products, "Pledge Multi-Surface Concentrated Floor Cleaner" is the only one kind of close. It has "Proprietary Film Formers" in the ingredients, but the rest of...
  2. Pkulchar

    Hoggle paint

    Hoggle paint, work in progress Using Tim Gore's paint
  3. Day Spartan

    Gravity feed spary gun/ airbrush help

    Hello. I recently got a gravity feed gun and I am having problems connecting it to my compressor. I know am missing a connector of some kind but i have no idea. Please help. this is the gun and compressor i have
  4. NegativeEnergy

    Build Log - Mass Effect Blood Dragon Helmet

    First post to RPF and first build log! Building the Blood dragon helmet for a friend there is still a long way to go however this is what already has been completed: Printed in 20 pieces the front shell (I didn't have my large 3D printer yet) in ABS. Welded all the pieces together using a...
  5. Alex Hayashi

    Help with painting.

    So my Latex gear has arrived but I'm unsure about color wise. I plan on airbrushing everything akin to the Scarface Predator/P1 as well as match the morphsuit from Zentai-Zentai. Got a few Vallejo browns and beige. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. SwedePredator

    Been collecting materials for over three years

    And I think I am finally able to start my costumebuild. It has taken a lot of patience as I am working fulltime from six in the morning to three in the afteroon. Am still unsure if I should collect more as i want badly to get my suit ready before summer begins. I could start with either suit or...