Deprecated GOTG Maglock holsters for MrGreene Blaster

Daniel Nelms

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We were contacted by Darth Mule recently and asked to make a special set of our maglock holsters for his star lord blasters from MrGreene's run:

We've finished the design for these and are 3d printing the set now, but they would be much more durable if cast in 65D. However as you know making molds isn't a cheap process and really not worth doing for a one-off set so I thought we would see if anybody else is interested in a set.

These would $75 per set, this will include the magnets and screws and will be a limited run only. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. We need at least 7 firm commitments to make this worth doing so please let us know if you are interested.

  1. Darth Mule
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