Got a bottle and toilet tank cleaner... OH, found a case too DS9 & ENT & VOY Oh my!


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I picked up this bottle when I found it in the unlikeliest of places. I was at the NMLRA Spring Shoot and Friendship, IN Friendship Festival last weekend. I was perusing the Gunsmith sheds when I saw this bottle sitting next to some old oil lamps, knife blanks, and a pile of Muzzle Loading parts for $3. I still need to clean it (it was full of beans that had bled a little oil in there) and put labels and a stopper in it. I am not a Trek Bottle collector, but such a fortuitous find was impossible to pass up.

My Kanar Bottle:

And I made these two Enterprise universal translators out of the toilet tank cleaners. I made the graphics and used 3M bumpons accurate to the show. I am still trying to figure out how to do the white lettering.


And finally, I found this case for $9.00 USD at my local Meijer's store. It looks just like the cases used for tool boxes on VOY and Dexter's crime lab scene kit from Dexter. It's not dead on, but could serve as a nice stand in for con-goers wearing a jumpsuit with no pockets!


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