Good acrylic metal paints for Eva foam?


New Member
I know there's the usual colors like bright silver, etc of which some have recommended Folk art paint.

But I'm looking for other colors of paint that can withstand flexing of Eva foam. There are many nice ones in spray cans but these are hard and crack easily, so I'm looking for brushable versions.

Colors I'm looking for are metallic black, gun metal, magnesium. Are there any recommended brands of brush on paint for these shades?
I've used and have had no problems with the cheap acrylics, the ones in the little plastic bottles, from Michael's. For more exotic colors I've used Army Painter paints, but they're pricier than the cheap Michael's stuff and come in small bottles. But if you don't plan on painting large areas or have an airbrush, then they'll be just fine.

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