Goldeneye piton gun


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Well after several years and three failed “from scratch” attempts I’ve finally gotten around to doing the Goldeneye piton gun for real, machining some parts, and using the actual found parts for the rest.

Special thanks to Ed for supplying reference and such, and to David “The Mantis” for his constant nagging to “get it done.”

This is it so far, the scope and mounts are on the way, and IÂ’m doing the spool on the back this weekend. Screen use pic on the bottom. Almost ready David.



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almost there...

and i must say, fourth time must be a charm, cause thats a few steps beyond impressive.

nice work. :thumbsup

The Mantis

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Oh yeah, that's what I am talking about.....already started building the display for this one.....dream come true....thanks dreammaker.


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Originally posted by Vegeta@Sep 17 2005, 07:04 PM
Damn........Ruined a perfectly good automag for that..........

Actually I carefully took it apart; the pictures above are all cast parts. IÂ’m going to put it back together later, that sucker cost me too much.
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