Going chewie and slave leia


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My girlfriend and i are doing chewbacca and princess leia this year..slave leia to be exact :behave lol.....will be ahwile to get thos pics up but he is my w.i.p. learn alot from this site and a couple of others but of course i didnt find it untill after i started :rolleyes...oh and since im only 5 8 ill be going as tall as possible:love
i first made a dummmy by using an old pair of jeans and shirt and duct taping two layers. Then stuffed with old newspapers....
more latch hooking and the mask in progress..i bought the rubies mask and iam modifing it ...cut the teeth out and am adding hair etc. I willl hopfuly make my own at some point
finished the latch hooking after a few months every nite! lol...first time trying it on with stilts top and bottom together and the bandolier i had made for me
i bought a sound board chip from replica props with all the wookie sounds already on it and it was pretty sweet however i believe ill be going with this think geek sound shirt from thinkgeek.com I replaced the cheap speaker that comes with it for a 40watt speaker. It comes with a programable sd card for 20 sounds. Ill be hanging it from my neck so itll sit on my chest. I also will have the remote down my right arm to control what sound i want to do...will post pics later to help explain all this
update on feet...made some nails since im ahead on my build...used milk carton and mixed white and clear nail polish...nothing fancy
here is a shot of speaker set up as mentioned before...remote with choice of twenty sounds. used the plastic cover that came with shirt and put a hole threw it so it can hang from my neck and sit on my chest
thanks for the nice coments... still a work in progress to be sure. I had no idea how much work was involved lol. Ive seen some great chewies out there and i dont think ill be anywhere near that talented but i hope to pull off something decent. And praying i dont bust my wookie and fall lol. Slave leia pics to come. : >
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