Gilligan's Island Bamboo Car


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I work at a Home Depot and for the 3rd year in a row I've been nominated to build this years "Cashier Olympics" Float. District theme is "TV Shows" so our store picked Gilligan's Island. I thought the bamboo car scaled down to 2'x4' would be perfect, but so far I've only found this one ref. pic.
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Does anyone else have any other screen grabs? :confused
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here you go :) i wish i had a reason to build one of these myself! :lol










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Thanks for the link, but the Home Depot Firewall blocks it. I'll just have to pick up the DVDs.

You would get a much more realistic look if you used PVC pipe for the bamboo, the nodes (rings) could be as simple at beads of caulk...
Heh, PVC was my plan from the beginning. I've had great luck in the past by scoring the pvc first & then hitting it with a blowtorch, swelling the "nodes". I first read about it over at Tiki Central.
Tiki Central Forums - Topic: Making Fake Bamboo

UFO, those are perfect, Thanks!

I'm not going for an exact replica, but I should be able to give it a go in my spare time here at work over the next week or so.

I'll be sure to post some build pics along the way.


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It's been a ***** trying to work this into my regular work load. All I can say is thank god I'm building it at work, the design is just hemorrhaging PVC fittings. I dont have access to the Luhala Matting for all the panels, I may have to resort to faux painting some masonite. I've done bamboo print in the past with a doctored up squeegee.


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Finally finished the thing, only to be beaten by Handy Manny. I guess it needed to be painfully obvious that the cashiers built it themselves, without help.:rolleyes
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