Gilligan's Island Radio Replica


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I'm showing my age here a bit. But I've always admired the radio the castaways used on Gilligan's Island. This thing was so iconic on the show. The actual radio for the show is a late 60s Packard Bell AR-851. The handle at the top and the large antenna were added to make it more interesting. You can find these on eBay occasionally, but because of the show they tend to got for hundreds of dollars. So ...

I built my own. The face of the radio was built in Fusion 360 and printed on my Elegoo Saturn. The rest is scratch built from Styrene, acrylic, aluminum, brass, etc.

557786_406510909369230_637989157_n.jpg gilligan15.jpg PjneD-1542224989-12769-list_items-gilligan_radio.jpg IMG_5915.jpeg IMG_5916.jpeg IMG_5917.jpeg IMG_5920.jpeg IMG_5921.jpeg IMG_5924.jpeg


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This is really awesome! I scored a vintage one off eBay a few years ago because "I just had to have a vintage one". This looks even better than a vintage.


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I'd also love to know how you did the graphics. I'm planning to make an Art Deco clock. I'll need to create the face somehow.

Actually, I'd love to see the whole build.
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That looks phenomenal! I've wanted to do the same thing for a long time! Years ago I started to try modeling it in SketchUp, but it's Sketchup, so....

I found a model of this on Thingiverse. Is it yours? I finally downloaded that one, and have never have had so many problems with a 3D model. My slicer (Repetier) said that the mesh for the front of the radio had problems. I used Repetier's built in fixer, but after several hours of "fixing" the problem and staying at about 80% done, I cancelled. A number of times. I've tried Meshmixer, MeshLab, PrusaSlicer, 3D Builder and several online .stl repair tools, and get nowhere. They either crash, or "fix" it by removing about 20% of the geometry. Any suggestions on a possible fix?


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