General Lee 1/25th scale in progress


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I'm building this 1/25th scale General Lee.

I couldn't wait to finish the whole car so here's the pic of the console.
(that's all I have done)


The woodgrain in the center is hand-painted.
LMK what you guys think
If you are interested let me know & I'll post more pics as I progress.


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here's the engine shot (so far)
& some window chrome


& the interior



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Awesome paint job. You definitly have some steady hands.

One question though, It has been quite some time since I have
seen all of the epsiodes, but the ones I do recall, wasn't the
Generals interior white? Maybe they weren't as picky on the
show and used multiple colored interiors on the cars.

Just curious. I myself, prefer the tan..........

Keep it up, we wanna see more.


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That is beautifull... I can't wait to see the finished product.

Tan is supposed to be the "official" interior color. However they used some black and I believe some white interiors also. They went through something like 300 to 350 cars in the series. I prefer the early cars from when they were in Georgia.

-Jason M


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if it turns out as good as your herbie it'll be great. attention to detail makes your kits stand out from the rest :thumbsup


Rhett J Martin

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Well. slaveI, i can't seen to get a detailed pic for you of my charger dash, so here's(not to go off topic) a shot of my FNF Supra. thought you'd get a kick out of it.


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Ok, I did a little more work on the engine.
It just didn't look good enough.
I like this a little more.


Thanx to wackychimp for the pic host.
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