Gambit: Custom budget build for Dragon Con 2018

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I had planned to do both Loki and Gambit this year, but after ordering and receiving a terrible Chinese rip off cosplay for Loki from Ebay that isn't in any way wearable, I'm focusing all of my energy on Gambit.

I decided to go with a semi custom design, which I like because it allows me a bit more creative freedom to go wild and do my own thing while still being obvious as to who I'm supposed to be. As long as you have a few key things, you're Gambit.

I'm also on an extreme budget since I just bought a house, so this is going to be one of those, "let's try to make this awesome with no money" builds.

Let's see how we fare...

First off, here's the design.

I'm sure I'll take some liberties here and there but this is the mockup I came up with:


I took inspiration from these variants as well:


I'm starting with a few items I've already sourced from my local thrift stores/ebay/Amazon.

1. Trench Coat (I got for free at a free food drive, where they sometimes have clothes. You can go in and pick 6 of anything.. and I saw it hanging on the rack, figured I could put it to some use, lots of cosplays use trench coats.) It's not leather, but that means it won't be as hot, and I can easily modify it and make it less lame. It's actually not bad as is I think.

2. Black Ski Mask. I cut the top off, and I still need to trim more, and cut out ears. I want my version of Gambit to look like he sort of put this outfit together himself, so it shouldn't look pristine, so rough edges, etc.. gives it more character to me. Makes him more gruff/rough.

3. Boots. I found these boots at another thrift store for 75 cents. I googled later, to determine they were Overwatch cosplay boots. They look like they'd make decent candidates to mod for Gambit boots since i don't intend to cosplay as anything from Overwatch anytime soon.

4. Gloves from ebay for $4.

Here's a very early test fit just to see if I even look the part.

And the other components I've collected so far.

Things I plan to do:

- Glowing playing cards
- Glowing staff
- EVA armor
- Shin guards/knee pads
- Pouches/Card holder.. other tactical looking stuff.

I can't decide on whether to get a zentai base suit to do all of the armor and design on, or go with a spandex compression shirt + some sort of tactical pants.

I want to look more like a real person, than a cartoon character.. if that makes sense?

And I'll top it off with some RED contacts. I don't think I'm going to do Sclera contacts, because I don't feel like dealing with them. I think some red circle lenses will do just as well.

Thoughts? Comments? Tips? Suggestions?

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Nice work.
My opinion, is if you're going for a real world look, I'd go with some modern tactical pants, maybe even just black BDU pants, with an under armor shirt. Add a paintball chest protector to mount the armor, and see how it looks from there.

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