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I notice the Legacy Lightsaber talk is mixed in with the Hasbro lightsaber thread. How 'bout we give the Galaxy's Edge sabers their own thread?
So it looks like Disney may be revamping their sabers. According to the video below, the prize given away at the Her Universe fashion show at SDCC was a new set of Ahsoka legacy sabers. Similar to the box sets that come with the blade and stands like Vader and Yoda. On the box it states that it is a new thinner design. Maybe the small Yoda saber was the first in a new line of more accurate sabers?

I really like my GE sabers, but I have avoided getting wildly outsized ones. I hope they do make new releases more accurately sized, hilts like Palpatine's are just too off for me.
I've got Rey and the Dark Saber I'm really happy except for the speaker slots on the side of the Dark Saber , I had the Kylo but the side emitters being undersized really bugged me so I bought the SP Sabers the Darkness it's empty no Electronics but man what a beautiful saber
Few pictures of it all painted up


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That Dooku saber looks a little different than I remember. I had a Master Replicas version back in the day... is this supposed to be a younger pre-dark side Dooku saber?
Does anyone by chance make a connector for the Galaxy's edge Darth Maul sabers that looks more accurate?

I picked up a couple yesterday, and I'm happy with them in general, but the adapter piece is full of holes, presumably for better sound. It doesn't look BAD... but it also doesn't look RIGHT.

The Rey and Leia and Plo Koon sabers are also Galaxy's Edge. After taking a good look at the rest of their stock, I might be about done collecting from those. The rest of the sabers I'm after seem a little on the fat side (Windu, Qui Gon, Sidious).

The Rotj Luke seems ok, and the Luminara saber seems fine too, but it's so similar to Plo Koon that I think I would only pick it up if I didn't have anything else I was planning to get.

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