Galaxy's Edge X-Wing Helmet Repaint Advice?


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Hello Everyone!

(And a Happy New Year!)

I went to Disneyland last month, where I picked up a Biggs-style X-Wing Pilot Helmet.


As you can see, it's close to the original helmet, but there are some differences to the one worn in "A New Hope."

I'd like to repaint it to match the helmet used in the film.

Any suggestions on the types of paints/primers that might be safe to use?

Thanks in advance!

I used Rustoleum white primer.
However, you have prep it well, by washing, and a soak in Purple Power doesn't hurt (you'll find the cleaner removes some things but doesn't touch others). And give it a light but all-over sanding. Some details are decals, some are screen printed, some are paint. The yellow stripes along the edge of the mohawk on Luke's orange peeled when I didn't sand them enough. You don't have to sand all the paint TOTALLY off, just knock it down real good, until you can't feel the edges.

More tips:
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I have the same helmet and also plan a repaint. I used 600 and 1000 wet sandpaper to take off the black and yellow checkered areas. Too bad they did not extend them out to rams horns like the original or they might have been worth saving. I also got rid of the red rebel bird and whatever was under it, the blue V's, the stupid "rebel pilot" writing as well as all the fake looking flecks of damage. The paint came away fairly easily. I like the raw plastic look to paint and weather for my helmets.

To match the orangey yellow leftovers, I am looking at Testors Daytona yellow. Not a fan of their paint consistency tho. Sputtery.

my two cents

Oh and Treadwell’s thread was super helpful and a must read.
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In reading my own thread, I forgot that my orange peel problem was due to not using primer on the first try!
I have a thread or two on my repaints.. ill post links here..
I have used Krylon and Montana paints in my projects and have had different issues with each.
Sanding is a must to get the paint ridges out so they arent visible. You dont need to get rid of all the color but you need to make sure you knock down the paint edges. Also primer is good, but not necessary depending on what you are doing as an end result.
I "primed" with olive on one helmet, since the original helmets are olive to start with before they were painted.

have fun with it!

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