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I had read on a nother thread that if you put ABS in acetone it melts it to a white gloop. Is this the case? If so, does this then harden again after? I have some gaps on my FX helmet which appears to have been put together in a rushed manner. Would this white gloop act as a filler or if not, does anyone have any other suggestions. Where the gaps are you can see the cement also, does not look to good.


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I would think it would be very difficult to work with.

Try rubbing alcohol to remove any glue residue. For small gaps maybe try white caulking? Huge gaps are something else. Perhaps heating te warp gently with a hair dryer or heat gun and reshaping it would help....

...or just sell it and buy an accurate lid. ;)


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Even if that does work, I agree, it sounds like it would be a real bear to work with. If it were me, I would reassemble it and sand off the dead cement then just repaint the whole thing. But as mentioned above, it's almost too much work to put into it for such an inaccurate (and HUGE) bucket. Better to just get a more accurate one, though it's not in everybody's budget to do so. :unsure

Boba Frett

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On my FX I used superglue and Zap A Gap, I built it up with the glue then filed or sanded the excess.
I was going for the super dirty Sandy look.