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    I have got some trooper FX armor and am new to this so was wondering if i could ask for some help. The Thigh pieces have nothing attached to them so they obviously just keep slipping down the leg. What systen do you troopers use to make them more secure.
    also, The forearm and bicep pieces, do you attach anything to them such as elastic etc. If you have any pics or advice of your way of doing it, i would be grateful
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    The AF/X I wore had small elastic strips that connected (by velcro) the thigh pieces to the abdomen plate. this lept them from sliding down. The ab plate and back plate were held up with longer straps over the shoulders like suspenders. this way all the weight rests on your shoulders. The belt, of course, holds it tight around you. I never used anything on the forearm or bicept pieces. Hope this helps, I don't have any referenc pics though. I even lost the instruction booklet that came with mine.

    Someone here might can offer you a scanned image of the pages in the manual that cover assembly and velcro placement.

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    Cheers guys, it looks like the amour was assembled in a fairly rushed manner and there are seams coming undone, it looks like i'm going to have to get some industrial strenght velcro to do a bit of patching up. Luckily enough though the guy who owned it previously was pretty much my height and build.

    Where the seams are glued and coming undone, would it be best for me to pull them apart, sand the gloop off, then re-glue, if so, is there another glue in UK which is just as effective as ABS cement?
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    Hello there.
    Use a professional silicone and wax remover to get the goop off, resand, and use 3m trim adhesive in a spray can. The trick is to spray some on the part, take the velcro and stick it on but then take it back off for a minute, then stick back on. Let dry for 6 hours and your ready.


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    Try my site


    Look under Tutorials - Snap system and click on next page to see how I did mine.
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    Some good stuff on those sites. I've been to both hefore. Just forgot about them.


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