Functional firearm replicas discussion and showcase


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I've managed to create two firearm replicas with somewhat accurate details and functionality, the Fusil Gras 1866 single shot rifle and the Webley Bulldog revolver. Both are made with cheap plastic rulers and various pvc tubes, along with a copious amount of foam sheets.As you can see, they were both in prototype phase and after much consideration, i'd scrapped them and decided to overhaul the projects from scratch due to size miscalculation and the general sloppiness in how i made it. I wanted to create this thread for the purpose of learning from those who are share my interest in recreating functioning firearm replicas. Information such as material recommendation, tips and tricks or showcasing your own work is much appreciated.




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Interesting projects...fusil gras in particular (or Chassepot) As for reproducing real weapons, the medium used to do so could range from wood, plastic, metal, etc...depending on the tools/machines you have of course. Good blueprint and accurate measurements are also a +.
Good luck;)

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