replica firearm

  1. goodparts

    Cardboard chiappa rhino from warface

    This is a very unique looking revolver I found in the game warface and has ben my favorite one to make out of cardboard wood and more. I'm thinking about making it gold
  2. golestar

    Functional firearm replicas discussion and showcase

    I've managed to create two firearm replicas with somewhat accurate details and functionality, the Fusil Gras 1866 single shot rifle and the Webley Bulldog revolver. Both are made with cheap plastic rulers and various pvc tubes, along with a copious amount of foam sheets.As you can see, they were...
  3. IndyFanChuck

    Rooster Cogburn Colt Dragoon replica problem

    Hey friends! I fell in Love with the Colt Dragoon and thought I would buy a replica. The problem is, these replicas I am finding run 400 to 600 bucks here in the USA. And there are a few cheaper ones, but they have weird designs all over the metal and look just plain wrong. Maybe I am not...